Viva la resistance!

Since our earliest civilizations, those who would seek personal power over communal growth, have deliberately and systematically divided and oppressed us to suit their needs.
They have divided us with imaginary borders, and taught us to condemn those on the other side as less than human. They have divided us by race, and taught us to hate those with a different skin color. They have divided us by gender and sexual orientation and taught us to devalue the worth of a human being. They have taught us that opposing religious and political ideals can never work together. They have taught us to value competition over cooperation. They have taught us to loathe ourselves for not being the impossible specimen of what they would have us believe is physical perfection. They have installed a financial caste system, and told us to be grateful for our indentured servitude. They have taught us hate, and told us where to direct it.

We are divided and conquered.

See, as long as we are wrapped up in hating each other for these imaginary reasons, we are too busy to direct our anger where it should be. As long as we are clawing each other tooth and nail for crumbs, our attention is not on their plate. They have flooded our lives with hate for the sake of their own greed.
But that’s just it… it’s all a lie.

I believe hate is the greatest lie. And by contrast, love is the greatest truth.
In a world consumed by hate, love is a revolutionary act.

With that, I have heard the call to arms. With kindness as my sword, and compassion as my shield, I will fight. I will let my light be the barricade on which the darkness breaks. And on my dying day, when I stand before my creator to answer for how I have spent my life, I will raise my head and proudly proclaim,

“I have loved!”


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